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Bolidozor System

Bolidozor represents a cooperative network project, which uses technical equipment owned by volunteer observers, who operate the detecting and measuring stations.

The core of the system is made of a network of meteor radio detectors that are gradually upgraded and extended to contain new measurement methods. The aim of the project is to measure the parameters of meteor flybys through the atmosphere, to calculate their dark flight and to locate the meterites in their impact ellipse. More information

Radio detectors

Radio meteor detection principle.

Our primary device used to detect meteors is a radio detector RMDS built using the MLAB system.

Real-time map of radio detections

Visual detectors

Visual meteor detection is complementary to the radio detection and can supply addition meteor data under the right observation conditions.

VMDS is used as a visual detection station.

Balloon probes

Balloon probes stations, currently under development, serve as a supplementary measuring system and should further refine the estimate of the meteor dark flight. So far, only a functional prototype has been built ABL01A.

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