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Remote maintenance of stations

To access the maintenance interface, access data to server are necessary. Most of the stations are then accessible and maintainable from the server.

The procedure is as follows:


If the authentication with the public key proceeds without problems, you will be connected to server. There you can view your station data or delete any unnecessary data.

To connect to your station, use the following command:

ssh user_name@station_computer_name.tunnel

This guide anticipates that the station has a turned on and configured reverse ssh tunnel with parameters in the config file /etc/ssh_config on server.

chmod +x ./
sudo ./ 

Getting an access

The best option is to use a public key to log in. In such case, the server will not require any password. The key pair has to be generated on the computer that you will use to get access to You can do it using a command line and running the ssh-keygen utility:


The utility will ask several questions, leave them empty. Only confirm the choice by pressing enter. Then it generates two files and id_rsa. file contains a public key, which has to be transferred to server. That can be done either from the station, by copying the content of the file into the file /~/.ssh/authorized_keys that already exists on serve (in the home directory of the observatory) or by setting a password. The password can be set during connecting to (station connects to server automatically, using authentication key). To connect to from station run:


Using a command line on server, set the password with passwd.

The most common operations on a station

Stopping and starting detection software

cd repos/station-supervisor/

Restarting a station

sudo reboot 

Turning the station off

sudo poweroff

Loading a test RAW record from the receiver

true | nc localhost 3701 | sox -t f32 -c 2 -r 96000 - -t wav test.wav trim 0 30

This command creates a 30s long WAV record of complex samples from receiver on a running station. For further processing, it is advantageous to copy it on to the station’s account.

scp test.wav

Services provided by server

  • Generating RMOB pictures and their upload on
  • Assembling data from Meteor Observer mobile application.
  • Running iPython scripts for processing data from data server.
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