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Covering for RMDS station

Because the Radio Meteor Detection Station can be placed under different conditions and it has to be protected, there are several possibilities designed to serve as its covering.


A plastic show-case in suitable as a station’s cover especially at representational places, such as lecture halls of observatories. The cover is designed in a way to protect a station against dust and possible damage from visitors. Furthermore, to some point, it mitigates sudden changes in temperature caused by heating.

Leading cables from the station is done very flexibly, using a bristle seal. It allows to lead cables out and at the same time prevents a dust to get inside.

Plastic feet for attaching the cover are fixed by a standard MLAB hexagon screws. Both parts of feet are designed to be easily printable on 3D printers.

MLAB unibox

An MLAB Unibox is a durable metal box protecting devices from mechanical damage and EMI.

Some observatories are concerned for a risk of spontaneous ignition of electronic devices - this metal box significantly eliminates such risk.

Polystyrene box

Thermoinsulating polystyrene box is suitable for places, which are threatened by low temperatures (under 10°C) or by a sudden temperature changes (wind drafts, open windows, ventilation output, etc.).

Station should by placed into the polystyrene box enclosed within the MLAB UNIBOX - ?? Protože volný prostor v má být mimo nutnou ventilaci vyplněn gelovými bloky zajišťujícími dostatečnou tepelnou kapacitu celého přístroje.

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