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ESA Summer of Code in Space 2019 - Idea List

Bolidozor is a project which is focused on radar detection of airspace and astronomy objects. The Czech Astronomical Society partially support this project by donating storage space for our data. We want to improve our data-mining abilities with software development supported by the European Space Agency.

Main goals

  1. Design algorithms and implement innovative technologies for astronomy observations in existed radio detection network.
  2. Extend the existing system for collaboration of people in science in whole EU region.

Bolidozor project is meteor bolide detection network equipped by several types of radio detection stations. RMDS02D and its predecessor RMDS01 is a SDR receiver system designed primarily for radio detection of meteor trails. Its advantage over other designs is a high-performance software defined receiver and completely open-source design, which brings advanced signal processing of radio images for everyone. This system now has several detection stations (see the map) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But technically it could be extended to other European countries.

Radio Meteor Detection Station RMDS02D

Tasks for SOCIS participants

The radio detection station generates more than 1GB of data per station per day. The result is the current database of more than 13 million detected events stored in more than 22 TB of data. The events need to be filtered and classified to groups according to phenomena type.

Autonomous extraction and clasification of observed data

The Bolidozor network currently has the ability to observe different phenomena. Additionally, the same phenomena (meteor) has different data quality.

Project details

An artificial intelligence algorithm for extraction and classification of event recordings is needed.

Expected results

A working tool which takes event recordings from the database, extract parameters needed for classification and separates usable data from noise data.

If you are involved

If you are interested in the tasks presented here please do not hesitate to contact us at or more generally on, we will explain your technical details. In case you want to be eligible for SOCIS, you should be prepared to provide us a link to an open-source code which you already coded and which is in use today.

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