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Remote monitoring of stations’ status


Conky dashboard via X-forwarding

In this case, we proceed in the same way as launching any other application with a remote x terminal. Connect to server with respective parameters -XY.

ssh -XY

Similarly, connect to a chosen station.

ssh -XY TEST-BPB.tunnel

Run conky from terminal.

conky -o 

The ‘’-o’’ parameter causes that a separate window is generated on the screen.

An example of config file .conkyrc, which is currently on most of our stations:

background		yes
use_xft			yes
xftfont			Courier:size=12
double_buffer		yes
update_interval		2
alignment		top_right
gap_x			10
gap_y			10
no_buffers		yes
minimum_size 		365x500
pad_percents		3 

${color #FF6666}$nodename - $sysname $kernel
${color #6666FF}Uptime: $uptime
RAM: $memperc% ${membar 8}
Swap: $swapperc
CPU: $cpu% ${cpubar 8}
CPU Temp: ${acpitemp}C
${color #FFFF00}/       ${fs_used /}/${fs_size /}${alignr}${fs_used_perc /}%
${fs_bar 8 /}
${color #00FF00}Down: ${downspeedf eth0}k/s ${alignr}${totaldown eth0} total
${downspeedgraph eth0}
${color #00FF00}Up: ${upspeedf eth0}k/s ${alignr}${totalup eth0} total
${upspeedgraph eth0}
${color #3ff}${font Courier:bold:size=16}Station Status:${font}
sdr-widget${hr 2}
  ${if_running sdr-widget}${color green}Running
  Connected (${tcp_portmon 3701 3701 count}):
    ${tcp_portmon 3701 3701 rip 0} ${tcp_portmon 2001 2001 rport 0}
    ${tcp_portmon 3701 3701 rip 1} ${tcp_portmon 2001 2001 rport 1}
    ${tcp_portmon 3701 3701 rip 2} ${tcp_portmon 2001 2001 rport 2}${else}${color red}Not running${endif}${color 3ff}
radio-observer${hr 2}
  ${if_running radio-observer}${color green}Running${else}${color red}Not   running${endif}${color 3ff}${hr 2}
  běží i neběží - je třeba dodělat
ntpd${hr 2}
  ${if_running ntpd}${color green}Running${else}${color red}Not running${color #3ff}${endif}${color 3ff}
gpsd${hr 2}
  ${if_running gpsd}${color green}Running${else}${color red}Not running${color #3ff}${endif}${color 3ff}

SSH connection for data transfer

In case of a direct connection to more stations, you can use tellconky tool.

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