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Ground plane 1/4 lambda antenna

GP antenna is composed of two main emitter parts (vertical part), radial (horizontal part) and a coaxial connector (mainly creating a mechanical support).

Its disadvantage i that the radiation pattern drops sharply to zero at zenith, making it very difficult to detect meteors flying directly over the head (compared to visual observation).


Antenna socket connector is panel mount UHF connector and antenna plug is UHF coaxial connector.

The total length of 143MHz active element is 499mm and the length of short circuited stub from RG213 is 346mm.

Antenna location

Active element should be placed far enough (at least 2 lambda) from any large or conductive objects such as walls of buildings, wires, railing etc.

The most suitable direction of antenna radial is to the west, towards the GRAVES radar where we expect the best reflections from meteor trails.

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