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Visualising data flow from RMDS02 station

The last station’s version allows a use of a remote visualising tool Freya.

Direct connection to station

An older way - using a jackd

Stations, which use jack system for connecting the detection software, can be used with Freya software as well. It is only necessary to run a server on a station:

../jack-stdout/jack-stdout -e float system:capture_1 system:capture_2 | ./x_fir_dec -b 128 48000 10500 24 3731_taps | ./servestream -p 3731

Connecting via a tunnel

Connecting to a station via a tunnel is useful when there is no direct internet access to the station’s computer. This includes cases, when the station does not have a public IP address or the router setting by internet provider does not allow direct connection.

The following command (when ran from a command line on a computer where you want to start Freya) opens a tunnel from the station to a computer from which it was run.

ssh -v -L 3731:localhost:3731 ssh  -L 3731:localhost:3731 -N radio-HPHK.tunnel

In order for tunnel to function properly, there must be a functional logging from to the station without using a password. To do this, you have to have a copied ssh key on the station - it can be done easily using ssh-copy-id.

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