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Bolidozor graphic manual

Bolidozor is a subproject based on MLAB brick system. Therefore, its graphic design is derived from MLAB's graphic design.

Bolidozor logo depicts a core of an meteoroid with an emerging plasma tail. The core contains a symbolic module of MLAB kit logo. This part refers to a significant usage of MLAB technology in Bolidozor detection stations. Graphic logotype contains an added Bolidozor text typed in PT Sans font with a standard Bold modification.

The whole logo is designed contrastingly black and white in order to be easily and cheaply printable and also to be highly durable and usable even in low resolution (e.g. for screen printing).


Bolidozor logo can be placed on every object and software used in Bolidozor network.

It can be placed individually or in combination with QR code refering to the projects web page.

Source files

The logo is designed in SVG format in Inkscape programme. Its source file is published on server. In the same folder, there are other auxiliary files of an already existing uses of the logo, e.g. stickers.

In order to work with logo, it is necessary to have a following fonts installed on your computer, otherwise the logo graphic’s will not show properly after opening the SVG file: PT Sans


Bolidozor logo and derived graphics designs are provided under the following licence: CC-BY-SA.

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