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People involved in the Bolidozor project

This page contains a list of team members working on development of Bolidozor in Czech Republic.

Project coordinators

  • KAKLIK - Jakub Kákona
  • KAKL - Martin Kákona
  • JOSY - Josef Szylar

Main developers


Software development

Maintenance and testing




Detection stations operators

The list of operators of detection stations changes often. Therefore, the one listed below does not need to be actual and contains only the most stable stations. However, there is a map of observation sites on Astrozor.

Organisations involed in Bolidozor project

Czech Astronomical Society

ESA SOCIS Programme

Project was supported by ESA SOCIS programme in years 2013 and 2014.

Center for Machine Perception

CMP ČVUT participates on the project development.

Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o.

Hardware is developed and produced by Universal Scientific Technologies company.

MLAB - Modular Laboratory

Network’s hardware is bases on an open-source modular concept of MLAB.


DGPS correction data for time and location measurements is provided by[http://czepos.cuzk.cz/|czepos]] network.


You can contact us via email conference bolidozor@googlegroups.com.

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