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Significant events detected by Bolidozor network

Natural Bolides

Classical radio bolide looks like this on our recordings:

The record was created by SpectrumLab software, which is not used in the network anymore.

Basic analysis of multiple station bolides follows.

Anomalous meteors

Very long bolide from 31th march 2014 Names of detection stations are marked in the image.

For every section between points of closest approach A, B, C, D average speeds were calculated from radio data.

AB	9,7 km/s     BC	11,8 km/s    CD	15,2 km/s
AC	12,0 km/s

Artificial bodies


Re-entry of progress airspace ship from 13.2.2013. The event was observed at stations OBSUPICE, uFlu, ČB


unidentifiable events

Strange meteor reflections

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