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How to get involved

Connecting the station

What do I need?

  1. Suitable place for the station
  2. RMDS station of chosen version. If you are a new user, we recommend to use the newest version that has simpler maintenance. e-shop UST
  3. RG58 coaxial cable to connect the antenna e-shop UST
  4. Preamplifier LNA01A- e-shop UST
  5. Internet connectivity (a station generates approximately 2GB of records per day
  6. Electric power supply 230V (20W)

I have the equipment and place for installation

If you have already chosen the place for station installation and have obtained the necessary equipment, continue by choosing one of the following steps:

I want a ready-made station - I do not want to develop anything

You can either choose an installation by UST company or you can install the station by yourself, following the instructions provided to the chosen version of the station.

I want to build and install the whole station by myself

If you are planning to build your detection station from the scratch, you can find the necessary information in stations' documentation at MLAB server.

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