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Methods of data processing used in Bolidozor network

Bolidozor network attempts to process data of different quality and from various sources. However, most of the methods used for data processing is not yet sufficiently optimized.

Calculation of meteor trail parameters

There already exists a network dealing with similar problem called CMOR, which observes meteors using transmitter and several receiver stations. Such approach is however not suitable for Bolidozor network.

The actual calculation of meteor path will be carried out using several methods. One of them uses multilateration, based on different time shifts of records from individual stations. It is necessary to obtain the time shifts by means of time correlation of the recorded data. This correlation can either be done on time domain or frequency domain. In both cases it essential to first separate the signal from noise.

The next step involves measurement of doppler parameters of meteor head-echos, which depend on the path inclination and speed.

Overall calculation of the meteor path will be realized in two steps:

  1. Calculation of meteor position in relation to individual stations
  2. Calculation of vector paths in absolute coordinates

Data processing

  • Estimate of meteor trajectory in the atmosphere
  • Record of available meteorological data for later reconstruction (satellite pictures, values measured by hydrometeorological instututes, radar images, etc.)
  • Data collecting from individual stations
  • Wind vector and altitude profile calculation

Already existing projects that could be possibly used in further data processing:

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