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rmob-export software

Colorogram generator for RMOB network.

output colorgram form RMOB-export software

Software functions

RMOB-export application serves a a substitute for Colorgramme software for OS Linux. Colorgramme is only available for Windows and is very unstable. RMOB-export generates Rmob graphs (pictures) and rmob.txt files, which it immediately uploads to

In the Bolidozor network, the RMOB-export is automatically connected directly to the data storage place - so the output data files for RMOB are generated directly from it.

Generating RMOB graphs

RMOB graphs can be generated either locally on your own computer (you have to install rmob-export by yourself according to a procedure described below) or using a data storage place of Bolidozor (it is easier and preferred option). For automatic generation of graphs from upload files, you have to place a rmob.cfg with a following content into station's folder.

stationname = ZVPP
country = Czech republic
city = Ceske Budejovice
latitudens = N
latitudedeg = 048.9869761
longtitudeew = E
longtitudedeg = 014.4675321
email =
computer = Ion PC
antenna = 1/4GP
preamp = LNA01A
reciver = RMDS01B
frequency = 140 050 000 Hz

The file has to be so far uploaded to the server manually via scp. Then you data will be used for graphs generation by our servers for RMOB network and uploaded on their server.


For cases you have to run the rmob-export software directly on your station. RMOB-export can be downloaded from GitHub.



sudo apt-get install git g++ libmagick++ libmagick++5 libmagick++-dev libmysqlclient-dev


Get from Github

git clone

Compile (with Makefile)

cd rmob-export/

After setup, which is described under, you can periodicly run with cron For set up cron, type to terminal

crontab -e

and at the end of file add the following line s with all own path to

*/15 * * * * cd /home/roman/rmob-export/; python


Setting of this app is performed by setup wizard in rmob-export directory.


Poté se vás průvodce zeptá na několik položek, které napíšete a potvrdíte entrem. Pokud položku nebudete chtít měnit, můžete jí rovnou přeskočit pomocí stisknutí klávesy enter.

Pro ověření správnosti nastavení můžete rmob-export spustit

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